Those funny words!

The Cursillo movement originated in Spain and, when there is no direct translation, we use the original Spanish words.  For example, at our breakfast meetings, it is easier to say that we eat “croissants” than have to describe “crescent-shaped rolls made of flaky pastry of French origin” every time.

Cursillo (pronounced “kur-see-yo”) means a short course, in this case in Christianity

Cursillista: someone who has been on a Cursillo weekend

Ultreya! is a word of encouragement literally translated as “to go on” and understood as “Keep Going!” / “Onwards!” / “Upwards!” as used on the early days of the Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage.

Rollo (sounds like ‘royyo’): allegedly “a long, boring talk” but actually one of the 15 talks given on a weekend, given by different members of the team, who are the ‘rollistas’.